Name: Beijing Vanke Mentougou Firenze Sales Center

Location: Beijing, China

Time of completion: 2016

Client: Beijing JieHai Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Architect design: Jibien Architectural Design Consultant Co., Ltd.

Interior design: Sales center: W+ Interior Design (Shanghai) / Mock up rooms: Jibien Architectural Design Consultant Co., Ltd.

Landscape design: Pulisi Design Consultant (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Lighting design: Lighting Design Partnership International (China Branch)

Lighting design scope of work: Façade, Interior (Sales Center / Mock up rooms), Landscape

Beijing Vanke Mentougou Firenze Sales Center is located outside the West sixth ring of Beijing. The warm lighting takes advantage of the reflection from the waterscape to reveal at night with extreme simplicity the multilayered bronze colored arches of the main entrance as well as its North and South wings. The interior lighting is as simple as the façade, and yet elegant as to attract people to visit this family oriented property.