Name: Delvaux Xi'an SKP Store

Location: Xi'an, China

Completion time: 2021

Total construction area: 80㎡

Client: Delvaux (Shanghai) Limited

Interior design: VUDAFIERI-SAVERINO PARTNERS (VSP Milan, Shanghai)

Lighting design: Lighting Design Partnership International (China Branch)

Scope of lighting design: Interior

The Delvaux Xi'an SKP store, which officially opened in November 2021, is found on the first floor of the Xi'an SKP (store number A1005-1), located on 261 Changan North Road in the Beilin district of Xi'an. Delvaux was created in Brussels by the innovative Charles Delvaux in 1829 with a very long history. For hundreds of years, Delvaux has always adhered to the classic craftsmanship of leather goods design and it was granted the title of "Purveyor to the Court" by King Leopold II in 1883.