Name: China Overseas Maple Palace

Location: Beijing, China

Year of completion: Gross floor area: 90,000 m2

Client: Beijing China Overseas Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Architectural design: Beijing Institute of Architectural Design

Landscape design: Beijing Greenway Landscape Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Lighting design: Lighting Design Partnership International (China Branch)

Scope of lighting design: Façade, Landscape

The Beijing China Overseas Maple Palace (Maple Palace) is located in the Southeast of Jianguomen, on banks of the Tonghui River and the central East Second Ring Road, next to the Higher People's Court of Beijing Municipality.

Instead of revealing everything thus revealing nothing, the lighting design of the Maple Palace takes into consideration the characteristics of a symmetrical balance of horizontal and vertical lines of the French Renaissance architectural style with its division into three horizontal lines and a vertical center.

The color temperature of the entire façade lighting is 3000K, thus creating a warm and quiet lighting atmosphere in line with the temperament of the building. With a limited number of luminaires installed to keep the façade as clean as possible, glare control is another element that emphasizes the integration of the Maple Palace with its surrounding environment.